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architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

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architecture, game of thrones, gay fiction, harry/draco, high-fantasy, hockey, knights, lower eyelashes, merlin, merlin/arthur, pancakes, pointy noses, sherlock, sports manga, tamagotchi, zoro/sanji
About Me

Chrissie, Mackie | 23 | TX

I like to draw, but most of my free time is actually spent reading fic (NOT sorry). I'm inconsistent with crossposting my art. Please feel free to PM me, email me, add me on twitter, etc. etc.

Pottermore: KnightSpell139

My Journal

Art posts are always public & tagged.

My journal is semi-public with an open friending policy. I'll likely friend back if we're in the same fandom :).

I mostly talk about fandom things, and like to keep this a happy fandom safe space! No kink-shaming, character bashing, pair bashing. I also like to tl;dr stream of thoughts (art-related, usually) just to get it out of my head.

Transformative Works Policy

You can save my art. You can be inspired to draw, write fic, your own headcanons, etc. with my drawings. You can use my drawings for a personal icon. You can use my drawings for community/fest related graphics. (Alternatively, contact me because I'm open to creating new pieces for collaborative work.)

Please do not repost. I'll be glad to provide a link if you want to reblog on another site (tumblr), just ask me. There are some fest works that won't be posted anywhere outside of LiveJournal, sorry!


I'm extremely picky about what I consider myself to be a "fangirl" of. But I am a casual fan/watcher of other series.

I'm trying to be open about discussing my fandom interests on this journal. If I want to talk about mpreg I will. If I want to talk about how I love tropes in fiction, I will.

Main fandoms:

Following the Blackhawks, Pens, and Stars. Still a new fan. I started out by reading rpf, but now I'm actually interested in the actual sport. BECAUSE IF YOU'RE A FAN, YOU'RE A FAN.

BBC Merlin
Merlin/Arthur. I also love all the Knights and everyone. My feeling about the finale is that it left many plot holes open (and all the deaths *sobsob*), but I like being able to "fix-it" with fanwork. I prefer S3-compliant fanworks (+ Alexander Vlahos ♥).

Harry Potter
Harry/Draco. I got into the fandom after the books/movie were finished, so I prefer works that are at least 6th-Year compliant.

Also watching: Hannibal, BBC Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Legend of Korra, Psych

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